#25 - To Civic Prosperity and Citric Peculiarity

GAME: Citadels, released 2000, for 2–8 players, Ages 10+, by Fantasy Flight Games
BGG, Fantasy Flight 

DRINKS: Weird Citrus Fruit Cocktails
Buddha’s Hand & Thai Basil Cocktail; Hangar 1 Vodka
Finger Lime Mojito
Absolut Stolen Fruit

INTRO: Once again you are tasked with building an empire. This time however you must make friends with the Merchant and Bishop, even the lowly assassins and dirty thieves. Slowly build out your districts and build the most glorious city to become the victor.

#24 - To Chaotic Assistance and Alcoholic Persistence

Game: Help Wanted, 2014, Baca Forrest Games, 3-8 players, Ages 17+ (NOT suitable for younger kids; not even worth weeding)
BGG, Facebook

Moonshine Recipes, History of Moonshine
Salty Apple
Apple Pie Moonshine
The Schultz

I got 99 problems, and I need you to solve every one… But you aren’t the only one offering help so make sure your solution is the best possible one. Procrastinate if you don’t want to deal with it, but beware someone trying to sabotage your plans. Time to put out the Help Wanted sign!

#23 - To Moving Bowels and Feeling Foul

GAME: Poop, 2-5 players (2-10 with expansions), Ages 6+

Infuse your drinks with fiber: prunes, pumpkin, pina colada with chunks of pineapple, hard cider, almonds (for magnesium)

Kombucha beer & Kombucha Moscow mule

Mixed berry wine slush

INTRO: Break out the Pepto Bismol and get a plunger because it’s gotten messy in the bathroom. Take turns wreaking havoc in the bathroom, but don’t get caught clogging the toilet or you will be left cleaning up the mess!

The Poop Episode - Teaching My Boyfriend How to Eat

#22 - To Choosing Top Dogs and Boozing Gods

GAME: Superfight, 3-10 players, age 5+ (depending on expansions) 
Amazon Link

Bourbon Classic, Louisville KY, 2016 Winning Recipes
Tales of the Cocktail, New Orleans
Manhattan Cocktail Classic

INTRO: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! But this isn’t your ordinary fight… No, no. You choose who you think the best gladiator will be, and pair them with the most eclectic choices of super powers. Pair up head to head, or in a battle royale, it doesn’t matter because there can only be one victor!

#21 - To Dungeon Strolls and Fish Bowls

GAME: Boss Monster, 2013, Brotherwise Games, 2-4 players, 13+

Fishbowl (punch)
Tipsy Bartender video
Legendary fishbowl from Fais Deaux Deaux in NOLA (for your next party!)

We’re legal drinkers, everyone! We’ve reached our 21st episode! OK all you people from Europe and Canada SHUT UP. We all know you can drink earlier than us since you’re more responsible and shit, but we’re friggin excited over here. We’re also excited because this week’s game harkens back to the days of yore...the 1980s. When 8-bit gaming was cool and everyone tried to kill heroes with their giant hair, ridiculous music, and hi-tops. No? Allllrighty then.

#17 - To Diminutive Champs and Prohibitive Stamps

The Game -  Munchkin by Steve Jackson Games

The Drinks - South Side Fizz/SouthsideBee’s KneesWard 8Mary PickfordBacardi Cocktail

Strap in and strap on…Whatever you got! It’s time for some good ‘ole fashioned monster bashing and treasure looting. Get out of here Diablo, we have bigger fish to fry… like Squidzilla, the Plutonium Dragon, or the sometimes adorable, and other times terrifying Bipolar Bear. Bust out your Staff of Napalm or your Slay Bells, because it’s time to do battle!


#16 - To French Landscapes and Getting Drenched in Grapes

Game: Carcassonne by Z-Man Games

Trappist beers

A Knight, a Highwayman, a Monk, and a farmer walk into a bar. The Knight says, my sword will protect our cities and bring us prosperity. The Highwayman says, I will patrol our roads and make sure our trade spreads our good far and wide. The Monk says, I will help our people strengthen their faith, and bring them good fortune. Finally the farmer says, “Hey I’m just going to lay down over there…You never know what’ll happen, I’ll probably win the game in the end anyway.”

#15 - To Ancient Ones and Literary Puns (or CTHULHU! God Bless You.)

I know I will be called insane for what I am about to do. But you must believe me when I tell you that this museum is alive, infected with an ancient evil. Once these diabolical forces become manifest, they will reduce humanity to cinders. Night after night, I have scoured the exhibits and relics, fighting to keep the horrors at bay and learning what I can. I believe I have discovered a way to prevent our doom. Ancient cultures crafted a strange symbol to drive off these creatures. They call it the Elder Sign.

Based on characters of the Great Old Ones from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Giant ancient deities in a deep sleep who, once awake, will terrorize and consume all of humanity. Players take on the role of investigators inside a large museum trying to find and root out the ancient evils breaking through to our dimension attempting to consume us all. With the help of spells, clues and other other items, you must try to complete adventures to collect more items and most importantly Elder Sign Tokens.

Drinks from Tequila Mockingbird
Rye and Prejudice
3 oz grapefruit juice
1.5 oz rye whiskey
Pour over ice & stir!

A Midsummer Night’s Beam
8 sprigs fresh mint
0.5 oz lime juice
2 tsp granulated sugar
2 oz bourbon (like Jim Beam)
1 (12 oz) can club soda
Muddle mint, lime juice, and sugar in highball. Add ice & bourbon and top with club.

The Lime of the Ancient Mariner
2 oz lime juice
2 oz grapefruit juice
1.5 oz gin
Rim highball with sea salt. Fill with ice, pour in ingredients, and stir. Watch out for albatross!

#13 - To Declining Races and Reclining Spaces

Game: Small World by Days of Wonder

Are you a skeleton or a ghoul? Or how about a special power like seafaring or pillaging. Well you should combine your strengths to be the ultimate race to conquer the land of Smallworld. But beware of the Bivouacking Elves and the Merchant Tritons as they will try to steal your hard earned gold and wipe your race out of existence! But don’t worry if your fellow Dragon Master Ratmen are out of commission then it’s time to move over to the Stout Wizards… you can’t give up, it’s a world of Slaughter after all!

Drinkie Drinks: Cocktails for Drinkers

#12 - To Insignificant Pursuits and Magnificent Roots

Strap on your thinking caps, and put your knowledge to the test. It’s time for the great equalizer of trivia. However don’t get too scared, because we’ve got two games which have enough trivia variety that will keep everyone on a level playing field.

Siobhan and Chris match wits with the all time classic Trivial Pursuit! Plus, Bezzerwizzer.


Root Beer [from root/bark]
Hard root beer float
1.5 oz vanilla vodka (or more, party it up)
1 oz heavy cream
12 oz hard root beer

Throw vodka & heavy cream in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into glass with ice. Top with hard root beer. Aww yeah.

Ginger [rhizome, not a root, sue us]
Root & Ginger
Moscow Mule
Ginger fizz

Tigernuts [tuber]
Homemade Horchata Cocktail


#11 - To Legendary Knights and Treacherous Flights

Put on your cloak of deception and join the agents of evil. Or be of pure and noble heart seeking to destroy evil. You must be cunning to win as evil. The forces of good must help one another and find the traitor before they do too much damage. What type of legendary knight will you be?

Games: Shadows Over Camelot, Merlin's Company - by Days of Wonder

DRINKY DRINKS: Henge/Merlin (recipes), Traitor (recipe/trivia), Holy Grail (sort of sangria)

#10 - To Heavy Metal Scrum and Deadly Demon Rum

Metaaaaaaaaaaaal! Strap on your guitars and spiky leathers because it’s time for a throwdown of epic proportions. Prove you are the biggest and baddest wizard of them all in a battle that will be talked about for ages to come.

Siobhan and Chris thrash all over Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt Skullzfyre and Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Rumble at Castle Tentakill

Drinks:  Jager’s 11 Metal Cocktails, classic daiquiri (and Hemingway version)


#7 - Ripper? I Barely Know Her!

Letters from Whitechapel (Revised Edition, 2012) - Fantasy Flight Games

Siobhan and Chris have guests! Join the party as the discuss Letters from Whitechapel by Fantasy Flight Games, and drink some great drinks. 

DRINKY DRINKS - Port Wine Sangaree, obligatory whiskey drink: Queen Victoria’s favorite drink (single malt & claret), Bloody Jack (JD, Coke, grenadine)