#33 - To Trail Afflictions and Frail Nonfiction

The Oregon Trail Card Game (Target Exclusive version)
Pressman, 2-6 players, Ages 12+
BGG, Pressman

Pioneer Coffee/Chocolate Wine
Gallons of whiskey for “medicinal purposes
How alcohol can save you from cholera
Diseases from the Oregon Trail, Where Are They Now?

INTRO: 4 Oxen… check. 200 pounds of food… check. Duffy’s Elixir… check. Ok, time to get on the trail. Pace set to Grueling… Food rations set to “Bare Bones”. What could possibly go wrong? Well Timmy fell off the wagon and broke his leg. John fell in the water while we were fording the river and drowned, and Jessica, well dysentery is not a forgiving mistress. Although the rest of your party may not have made it, all you need to succeed in crossing the Oregon Trail is one person to survive… will it be you?