#28 - To Recess Hoopla and Excess Moola

Lunch Money/Beer Money
Atlas Games
Ages 13+, 2-4 players (when Lunch Money & Beer Money are mixed together, can be up to 8 players)
BGG (Lunch Money), BGG (Beer Money)
Amazon (Lunch Money), Amazon (Beer Money), Amazon (Sticks & Stones expansion)

DRINKS: Sucker Punch, Heartbreaker, Pins and Needles, Mexican Mule (kick)

Intro: It’s an all out brawl in the schoolyard. Do your dirtiest to attack the other players and knock them out. Make sure you know how to defend yourself as well! Wait a minute…I’m sorry, I meant: “It’s an all out beer fest at Oktoberfest! Hand out drinks left and right to dose your opponents with a little intoxication. Or bust out the big guns and hand them the tequila! It’s time for lunch/beer money!