#21 - To Dungeon Strolls and Fish Bowls

GAME: Boss Monster, 2013, Brotherwise Games, 2-4 players, 13+

Fishbowl (punch)
Tipsy Bartender video
Legendary fishbowl from Fais Deaux Deaux in NOLA (for your next party!)

We’re legal drinkers, everyone! We’ve reached our 21st episode! OK all you people from Europe and Canada SHUT UP. We all know you can drink earlier than us since you’re more responsible and shit, but we’re friggin excited over here. We’re also excited because this week’s game harkens back to the days of yore...the 1980s. When 8-bit gaming was cool and everyone tried to kill heroes with their giant hair, ridiculous music, and hi-tops. No? Allllrighty then.