#15 - To Ancient Ones and Literary Puns (or CTHULHU! God Bless You.)

I know I will be called insane for what I am about to do. But you must believe me when I tell you that this museum is alive, infected with an ancient evil. Once these diabolical forces become manifest, they will reduce humanity to cinders. Night after night, I have scoured the exhibits and relics, fighting to keep the horrors at bay and learning what I can. I believe I have discovered a way to prevent our doom. Ancient cultures crafted a strange symbol to drive off these creatures. They call it the Elder Sign.

Based on characters of the Great Old Ones from Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. Giant ancient deities in a deep sleep who, once awake, will terrorize and consume all of humanity. Players take on the role of investigators inside a large museum trying to find and root out the ancient evils breaking through to our dimension attempting to consume us all. With the help of spells, clues and other other items, you must try to complete adventures to collect more items and most importantly Elder Sign Tokens.

Drinks from Tequila Mockingbird
Rye and Prejudice
3 oz grapefruit juice
1.5 oz rye whiskey
Pour over ice & stir!

A Midsummer Night’s Beam
8 sprigs fresh mint
0.5 oz lime juice
2 tsp granulated sugar
2 oz bourbon (like Jim Beam)
1 (12 oz) can club soda
Muddle mint, lime juice, and sugar in highball. Add ice & bourbon and top with club.

The Lime of the Ancient Mariner
2 oz lime juice
2 oz grapefruit juice
1.5 oz gin
Rim highball with sea salt. Fill with ice, pour in ingredients, and stir. Watch out for albatross!