#41 - To Overplayed Jokes and Overpaid Folks

Cards Against Humanity, 2009, self published (by CAH), 4 to a billion players, ages 17-18+ (you can vet the deck depending on your playing audience), BGG, Amazon


Joking Hazard, 2016, Breaking Games, 3-10 players, ages 18+ (for real, this is a pretty rough one), Kickstarter (it made almost $3.5 million!), BGG, Amazon, C&H comic



10 Most Alcoholic Cocktails (to help you forget what a terrible human you are)

Drinks with Dirty(ish) Names: Redheaded Slut

Intro: Do you love offensive jokes? Are you a terrible person? Then have we got a pair of games for you! Brace yourself for sinking lower than you thought you could, all for a few points in a card game. After all, your soul isn’t worth that much right?