#38 - To Hometown Trains and Wordly Gains

Ticket to Ride
Pennsylvania/United Kingdom expansion, 2015, Days of Wonder, 2–5 players (PA), 2–4 players (UK), both for 8 yrs+ 
PA Rules, UK Rules, BGG

PA Cocktail: Fish House Punch (Olde Bar Philadelphia)
Can’t talk about PA without Yuengling!
UK Cocktail: Pimm’s Cooler / Scotch whisky
Guinness / Welsh braggot

Intro: Time to once again grab your ticket, and hop aboard. But this time we aren’t just satisfied with building the rails, we need something to spice things up! So this time we throw it back to the beginnings of the railroad industry. Can you become a railroad company tycoon, or is your game in inventing the latest and greatest technologies for the rails?